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Piractical Pira-Technics!

Breaking news! As you can see, the pirates next to me agreed to take a photo, and didn’t even try to steal anything!! Are the pirates loosening up? Or are they on a secret mission to gain our trust, and turn when we least expect it?!?! Tell me what you think. Anyways, after that I went to Chante’s ship and took a picture with her. Did you know she is a D.J.?? You should check out her ship, it is awesome! Then I took a picture of Chante’s awesome Water-Couch’s!!

Have Fun Exploring,

- Karmin


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    Arrr me hearties! Karmin44 brings us a piratical update! Also, did you hear? Captain Crawfish has left the galaxy (who...
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    (BTW I think loosening up, I talked to harryjand just yesterday he isn’t the vicious captain he used to be)
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